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Balloons By Emma

Balloons by Emma started in 2020 and has grown into one of Dublin's premier providers of customized balloon gift sets, centrepieces and statement pieces like balloon arches and columns. We create balloon gifts for both private and corporate occasions and events.

Helping you create a beautiful decorations for your special occasions!

To order please call me on 0861739627 or message me via our Instagram page _balloonbyemma_

Balloon Gallery

Balloons FAQ

Are our latex balloons biodegradable?
We get our latex balloons from Qualatax, and their latex balloons are biodegradable, click here for more information or check here

What do I do with foil balloons once they are deflated?

Here are 11 ways to reuse foil balloons

How long will the latex balloons stay up?
Normally around 7 hours. We use Hi-Float, a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable aqueous solution to coat our latex balloons. This way they will float for longer. 

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